Managing Payment Methods

Payment methods are accounts, such as credit or debit cards, that LaunchPad customers can use to pay for goods and services provided by companies that run on LaunchPad.

As a LaunchPad Operator, you can see the payments saved to a person's account on the Person Details Screen:

Any payment methods held by a person's guardians will also be displayed. Operators can edit the address of payment methods or change the person's primary payment method.

Customers of LaunchPad-powered businesses can also view and update their payment methods in the Customer Portal.

The most important use of saved payment methods is to pay for recurring (e.g. monthly) memberships. Customers can easily change which payment method they use to pay for which memberships. They can change one membership at a time, or all of their memberships at once. The video below shows how:

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If a customer is paying for a recurring membership with a payment method that expires or declines, they can use these tools to update that payment method and resolve their payment issue.

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