Membership Proration

With LaunchPad, you can set up all your monthly membership fees to be automatically charged on the first of the month, every month. This makes your cashflow predictable and your billing cycle easy to explain to your customers.

However, new members will often want to start taking classes in the middle of the month. To support this, we offer automatic membership fee proration, which will bill appropriate portions of recurring membership fees to members who enroll mid-cycle.

The video below explains in detail:

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There are 3 settings available for proration:

  • None/Disabled
    • This will turn off automatic proration completely. New members who join mid-month will not be charged until the next 1st of the month - you can charge any custom proration fee to them manually after they start.

      By Day

    • This determines the amount of proration based on the number of days left in the current billing cycle
    • For example, if the membership bills monthly, and there are 10 days left in the month when the membership starts, we collect 1/3 of the monthly price up front.

      By Event Count

    • This determines the proration amount based on the number of events or classes that the new member would be able to take before the start of the next month.
    • For Example - imagine you offer a program that runs once a week, or a total of 4 classes per month. When a person is enrolling in a membership that allows them to attend that weekly class, we compare their membership start date to your schedule. If they're joining after the 3rd instance of that class, they will only be charged 1/4 of the monthly price, since there is only one class for them left to take.
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